"Home Cleaning You Can Rest On!"    

Wendy KidderLocally Owned & Operated

Since 1992 Wendy Kidder has been owner and manager of her professional residential cleaning business. Started as WorkEnders - part of a new franchise - her teams have cleaned over 43,000 times in the Albany, Corvallis, and Philomath areas. In 2004, Wendy changed the name to Clean Endings, LLC . Only the name changed - the same professional and quality service continues to be delivered to her dedicated clientele.

Our mission is to offer quality housecleaning services at affordable and competitive rates. As a professional in the industry, Clean Endings brings knowledge and experience in all aspects of home cleaning.  We enjoy providing our clients with the answers to their cleaning inquiries.

Our Guarantee

Our Teams and the staff are committed to meeting and exceeding every expectation you may have. We take our cleaning seriously so that you will enjoy a sparkling home at the end of your day. It is our objective that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


"My husband especially appreciates coming home after they have been here as he can tell and feel what a great job they have done. There is always a little something special that they find to do and today it was sweeping our front porch and cleaning our gnomes."
Suzy F.


 "The Group that cleans our house is doing a wonderful job.  It is always exciting to come home to not just a clean house, but the wonderful notes they leave.  The work that they do is so valuable to my husband and I to help relax!"
                ~Megan O.