Our Staff


Just as you have better things to do than housework, you've also got better things to do than be looking for new housekeepers every few months. If you hire an independent housekeeper and he/she becomes ill, has transportation problems, takes a vacation or encounters other personal problems, the housekeeping chores revert to you.

We show up on the day scheduled, or your housecleaning is on us!


While it's true that almost anyone can perform housecleaning tasks, not everyone offering housecleaning services has the same understanding as to what tasks should be performed. What one housekeeper might pass off as a "good" job might in reality be mediocre at best.

Independant housekeepers may not have an orderly "system" for carrying out housework duties, and many residential cleaning companies have virtually no training or set standards for their cleaning personnel to follow.

You want to know that what you contract for is done and done right every single time.

If you have to stand over your housekeeper, or spend time when you come home from work checking to see if everything has been done as expected, you've defeated much of the purpose of hiring those services.


Turning over the keys to your home and relying on the honesty and integrity of people to whom you've entrusted your personal belongings are major security concerns, which deserve careful consideration. Since you'll most likely not be home when you housekeeping service arrives, the knowledge that your cleaners are thoroughly screened, bonded, insured, and supervised can help boost your comfort level. Our thorough screening process assures we don't put anyone in your home we would not want in ours when we are not there.


We always appreciate the confidence our clients have shown us by entrusting their home to our care. Unlike many residential cleaning services, we do not hire independent contractors over whom we have little control. As each cleaning technician is an employee working for, and under, the direct supervision of Clean Endings operator, the legal concerns and financial exposure are reduced.