Our Supplies

We Got This

No need to use your cleaning supplies, we bring everything we need with us!


You don't need to give up on your favorite cleaning solution. We can use any store bought products you provide. This is your clean.

Eco-Friendly Products

Clean Endings has curated our own line of cleaning products because we know that even the most conscientious and proficient home cleaning technician can't perform any better than the quality of the equipment or supplies being used. Our cleaning, polishing and disinfecting products have been researched to meet Clean Endings' high standards of performance. No product is approved by Clean Endings unless it also meet our mandatory user-safety, client-safety and eco-friendly standards. All of our regularly used cleaning products do not leave any films, residues, or strong scents. Not only does your home look clean, but it feels and smells clean as well.

The Apron

The Clean Endings Apron

The Apron we wear is more than just a trendy accessory, it also allows us to work quickly. The benefit of carrying our most used tools and cleaners with us, is key to our efficient housekeeping. We don't waste time, because we don't need to stop, walk back, search for, stock items, walk back and start cleaning again (whew!), when we encounter different sections of a room. We are always prepared so we just keep cleaning!

The Big Vac

Clean Endings' Vacuum Cleaner - The Big Vac

Our vacuum cleaner, The Big Vac, has a filtration system that traps mold spores, bacteria, pollen, odors, dust mites, and fine dust to keep them from being re-circulated back into the air. Clients who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problem especially appreciate this feature.

Did you know?

Since your Clean Endings cleaning team always brings its own cleaning, polishing and disinfecting products, there's no longer any need to add these items to your shopping list or worry about having to store them out of the reach of children. With Clean Endings, your family will have a clean home, as well as a safe one, too.